View User Guide: GA GuideLines


Sample Glossary 1: with English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic expressions.  Glossary I (1187 downloads)

Sample Glossary 2: with English, French and Spanish expressions.  Glossary II (866 downloads)

User Guide:  GA-GuideLines.pdf (943 downloads)

The user guide is specifically for the Android application which was developed before the PC version. However, it will provide most information on how to use the PC version. The overall functionality is the same and the PC version has several popup messages and tool tips to aid you.

UserGuide supplement for PhoneMate and PC versions: GA-GuideLines-Supplement.pdf (811 downloads)

Due to smaller screen size, the PhoneMate version presents information is a different (but also easy to use) fashion. The PC version is mouse driven rather than touch driven so some small changes had to be implemented.

Word Macro Templates:  These are very simple .dotm files which must be installed correctly on your PC.  Consult Windows for instructions of how to install and use a macro. These macros are to be considered as guidelines only and might not work on all versions of Word. Some computer knowledge is required.

Convert a Word document containing ONE table into a unicode .txt file ready to be loaded into the tablet transit folder;  Word Document Conversion aid (669 downloads)

Convert a glossary .txt file from the tablet into a Word document table:  Glossary to Word Conversion Aid (633 downloads)

 PC Glossary Assistant: (857 downloads)

This version runs on your Windows 7 PC. The basic difference between the PC version and the Android version (available on the Google play store) is that the PC version is mouse driven rather than touch driven. The application runs as an executable .jar file, so you must have Java run time on the PC.

There are a couple of actions which are different. Download the supplement manual for more information.

Columns are sorted just by clicking on the column header.

Columns can be swapped by dragging. BUT DO NOT DO IT!!

In the Editor, a row is deleted with a ctrl-click.

In the Editor, a changed cell must be completed with a click, enter or tab before saving. Otherwise, the last cell changed will not be saved.

In the Assistant in action, a double click is used to remove languages from the selected languages.