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Glossary Phone Mate now available

We now have a version of the Glossary Assistant which can be used on much smaller Android devices, such as a phone. The overall functionality remains the same.. up to 10 languages, fast sorting, intuitive searching, import/export to PC or other Android device. With the Glossary Assistant suite of applications all data can be used by both the PC and Android devices with no conversion.  All apps permit creation and modification of the glossaries on the fly. (of course you must synch data on your own)

PC Version of the Glossary Assistant now available

Go to the resources tab. There you can download a  zip file folder with a working PC version. The functionality of the PC version is basically the same as the Android version. Of course, the PC version is mouse driven rather than touch driven.

In addition, you can create a new glossary within the application as well as upload from your existing glossaries. We await feedback on how the application looks on various devices and screen sizes and resolutions. With proper feedback from you, we should be able to make any modifications required. If your locale is not supported for sorting, let us know and it can be added.

After downloading, you expand the zip file. The parent folder (PCGlossaryAssistant) must be moved out of the ‘zip folder’ folder. Move the entire folder. You must maintain the structure of all sub-folders. The file ending in .jar is the executable file.  Therefore you must have at least the Java runtime environment installed on your PC. Once installed into a suitable location, you can create a shortcut to the executable .jar file.

The DB and Download txt files can be exported/imported directly to/from your Android device, preferably via a USB cable connection.

The macros provided will help you export/import Word glossaries which are in table form, provided that you follow a few simple rules.


Latest News

April, 2014: The Glossary Assistant app is now available for a range of Android tablets.

Management of Glossaries


Intuitive Searching in action
Intuitive Searching in action
  • up to 10 languages
  • intuitive searching (no need to enter accented letters)
  • fast search response time
  • easy setup
  • user friendly touch driven operation permits easy selection of glossaries and languages to display
  • instant sorting on any of the languages displayed
  • easy import of existing glossaries from Excel or Word
  • export glossaries easily
  • interfaces– usb, network, cloud
  • editing of glossaries on the tablet

 November 2014:

The Glossary Assistant is now available for PCs. The database of glossaries can be imported/exported from/to your Android device.