App at a Glance


  • standard Android .apk package to install.. find it at the Google Play Store by searching for ‘rmswiss’. There you will find the version suitable for your device.
  • or for the PC Version just download from the Resources page

Getting started:

  • define the languages for which you will have glossaries (up to 10)
  • load glossaries to the tablet via usb, wireless, cloud
  • PC Version comes with 2 glossaries already loaded
  • 2 glossaries for the Android app are available for downloading from the Resources page
  • glossaries to be in columnar format but order of columns does not matter

Managing glossaries:

  • import
  • export
  • remove
  • create
  • change description
  • view all columns at once
  • edit all columns at once
  • size of glossaries and total space used by all glossaries restricted only by  how much free memory is available on the tablet
  • glossaries for import and export will be Unicode tab delimited .txt files (easily handled by Excel and Word)
  • Macro supplied for import/export of Word tables
  • The entire glossary database can be moved between your PC and Android tablet if you want using standard file management applications.

In the booth:

  • touch driven (a stylus is recommended)
  • select glossary to be used
  • select languages to display in any column order you want (PhoneMate is slightly different)
  • instant sorting on any language (long touch on tablet, click on PC)
  • fast scroll bar enabled
  • intuitive searching  for an expression(accented letters can be entered with no accent) within a language
  • pure (accented letters entered) searching for an expression over all languages
  • search over all glossaries for an expression
  • language selection easily changed
  • language columns easily re-arranged, re-sorted


  • full screen editor
  • add new rows to a glossary
  • modify existing rows
  • delete rows
  • all versions permit starting a new glossary within the application

System Requirements:

  • Android 4.1 or later or Windows 7 or later for the PC version
  • 1024 x 600 minimum screen resolution (Android tablet version)
  • 7″ screen
  • enough memory to store your data
  • PC version requires a decent screen
  • PhoneMate should be a good screen and you should use a stylus